Aeja was born and raised in the healing mountains of Nelson, British Columbia.  A fifth generation empath, she has always felt strongly led by her intuition and a deeply rooted connection to Spirit.  An extraordinarily focused, dynamic and energetic individual, she has been clearly guided to develop her practice and serve as an illuminating pathfinder to those having lost their way Home.

Aeja utilizes her clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear thinking) to receive accurate impressions of your life from Spirit. She is able to foretell future events and outcomes using her highly attuned prescience and works with her Spirit Guides to obtain specific dates and times. She works in concert with the non-denominational Arch Angels and Ascended Masters employing their supreme wisdom and insight at all times.

“I immediately felt at ease with Aeja. I could feel her authenticity and desire to bring clarity, peace, and joy into my life. She was able to give me deep insights into my questions and provide me with a sense of fulfillment. She is epic.” – Jerelea, Nelson, B.C.

Aeja is also a psychic medium, and takes great solace in reuniting living and departed family members. She gently shepherds these sessions with the utmost compassion and respect, honoring the need for closure and forgiveness among loved ones.  These sessions are infinitely powerful and offer miraculous reminders that we are eternal lights forever joined with Source in Divine Union.

Aeja is a psychic reader for Psychic Light, Psychic Sight and Best Mediums, and has been featured in ‘Free Spirit’, Psychic Light’s Publication

Aeja sees clients at Nelson’s Health Collective at 350 Baker Street, Nelson, BC

“Aeja is a lovely caring woman; she picked up right away on my situation and was very accurate. I only hope her predictions will come to pass…..” [more]
Lisa, North Yorkshire, England,
“As someone who has always been interested and open to the powers that be, but never really spent any time looking into or learning about…..” [more]
Eli, Nelson, B.C.,
Aeja held the space and we connected to heal the areas of my life that other healthcare professionals haven’t been able to ease. Aeja’s intuition…..” [more]
Stella H. Smith, Nelson, B.C.,